Accounting and Cashier


Accounting and Cash module for accounting for financial transactions in the system SlotLogic.

Its mission is to collect information from slot machines (SM ) , its processing and the provision of a financial reporting manager of the club and its owner .

Gathering information agency is as follows : interface board collects from agency information and sends it to the server in the database of the club .

SlotLogic Software connects to the database (DB) server and provides information to the users of the system in a variety of forms and reports.


  • Transparency of financial flows
  • The security of transactions
  • Excludes abuse staff
  • Centralized Audit
  • Eliminates paper work

RFID cards


Using contactless plastic cards (RFID) saves the player from having to carry cash inside the club and accelerates the process of making and withdrawing money from SM.

Player recharges your card at the checkout , paying cash to the cashier , and then coming to the agency , insert the card into the card reader and adds credit agency . This electronic money deducted from the card balance .

At the end of the game player transfers the remaining loans with SM on the card balance and can continue on another agency or cash them at the cash register . All these operations are absolutely safe .


  • Fast and secure cash flow within the club
  • Provides comfort and security for players
  • Eliminate the need for inventory bill acceptors SM
  • Reduces the number of personnel and the cost of it



Jackpots are the main tool for increasing loyalty Player .

SlotLogic allows you to configure different types of jackpots , including :

  • Mystery
  • Progressive
  • Prize
  • Raine
  • Happy hour
  • Global

The system provides the ability to display multiple jackpots at the plasma.

The user can easily customize the display of the Jackpot on plasma using the built-in template editor .


  • Jackpots for any number and type SM
  • Developed and multi-level system of all kinds of jackpots
  • Easy and flexible configuration
  • Visualization screens Club Jackpots
  • Create your own templates to visualize Jackpots

Tracking Players


Player tracking allows you to track the frequency of the player in the club, its activities and financial results ( Accepted Issued ) for a selected period of time.

Also, this module allows you to identify the preferences of the player's choice of slot machines with a set of his favorite games .

To ensure the operation of tracking the player uses contactless cards (RFID).

All transactions are recorded and the Player are used in a player tracking unit , tracking devices, loyalty .


  • Comprehensive reporting on the results of the Player
  • Ability to determine the importance of each Player
  • Benefits for active players

Tracking Apparatus


Tracking unit allows you to monitor the profitability of gaming machines , the size of the average rate (Average Bet) and hold (Hold), the intensity of its use for different periods of time , the operation of manual removal rate (HandPay), Jackpots .

It is also possible to aggregate and compare the profitability of manufacturers of gaming machines and types of SM .


  • Support slots for all major manufacturers
  • Automated collection agency counters , eliminating human error
  • Centralized Audit
  • Automatic audit and the closing game of the day scheduled for clubs with a little SM.
  • Detailed statistics and profitability analysis SM
  • Statistics and analysis of congestion SM



An important element to enhance the loyalty of the players in the slot clubs are so-called Points - bonus points accrued to him during his games . They are awarded from each bet made ​​by the player .

The player can control the amount of their points through a terminal installed at the club.

Upon reaching a certain limit , the player can cash out through the cashier Points .

Also , as an incentive , players can accrue bonus points at the discretion of management and are configured automatically. In carrying out the clubs Practical Jokes, bonus points Players are used to determine the winners.


  • Increasing the loyalty of regular players
  • Attract new players
  • Increased competitive advantage Club ( brand )



User SlotLogic provides interactive seating plan in which he can see the current status of the unit : balance, player information from the card denomination SM , the open house agency .

In addition to the terms of the current state of the hall you can see the jackpot.

In the form of technical monitoring of the user in the on-line information is available :

  • System components ( interface board , SM , IN )
  • Software version Interface Card
  • Status of equipment connected to the interface board ( Readers of contactless cards , etc.)
  • Technical parameters of the device
  • The current value of the main counter SM


  • On-line monitoring of the state of the interface board and SM
  • Monitoring of basic SM counters
  • Logging of SM operations and events

Network Club


SlotLogic system allows owners who have a network of clubs , combine them with replication .

As a result, the owner of the club can see the operational and statistical information about all the clubs from the workplace .

The module also allows you to replicate any player that has a contactless card , use it all the clubs in the network.


  • Clubs same network are combined into a single information space
  • Provide timely information about the profitability of the entire network and each club individually
  • Statistics and comparative analysis of profitability of the chain clubs



Ticketing provides additional comfort for the player. No need to call attendantov for operations manual removal rate .

Just press the button " take the money " and slot machines will give loans to players in the form of a ticket. Next The player can choose any other unit and to insert a ticket. Loans will be transferred automatically to the selected device , and the player can continue. Before you leave the room , the player fits with the ticket to the cashier and cashes it.


  • It increases the comfort and convenience of customers
  • Reduces the treatment Player to checkout
  • It increases the velocity of money circulation in the club
  • Increases security monetary transactions
  • Eliminates error handling cash
  • It reduces the frequency of inventories bill acceptor SM



By SlotLogic system can connect any number of slot machines that support the protocol SAS 5.10 and higher.

Each slot machines connected interface card (SMIB). All interface cards are combined within one club cable (RS485) using a hub which connects them to the server c club.

Driving System

Server club

Hardware Requirements

Processor Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo or higher
Memory 32GB
Hard disk >100 GB
Video Card Built-in video card
Local network Ethernet
Connected devices Monitor , keyboard, mouse , 6 -Port Hub

Software Requirements

Operating system Microsoft® Windows Server 2016 x64
Framework Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0
Remote access TeamViewer со статическим паролем
Local network Ethernet
Connected devices Monitor , keyboard, mouse , 6 -Port Hub

General Requirements

  • Local network
  • Stable internet connection ( > 10 MB / s )
  • External and internal static IP- address
  • UPS
  • Server must have 2 hard drives: one for the system and one for backup the DB
  • DCHP-server must provide fixed IP addresses for at least database server and videoserver

Video server

Hardware Requirements

Processor Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo or higher
Memory 32GB
Hard disk 100 GB
Video Card Modern video card
Local network Ethernet
Connected devices Monitor ( Plasma) , keyboard, mouse , 6 -Port Hub

Software Requirements

Operating system Microsoft® Windows Server 2016 x64
Framework Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0
Remote access TeamViewer static password
Local network Ethernet
Connected devices Monitor ( Plasma) , keyboard, mouse , 6 -Port Hub